65 000 Lithuanian citizens signed the petition

Law envisions concrete measures to ensure that Lithuania would not buy the electricity generated at the unsafe Astravyets NPP or would not enable the NPP to make use of Lithuania’s electricity grid.

Consequently, the law was adopted in April 2017. The same law recognised this NPP as unsafe because of the violations of the core nuclear safety principles enshrined in international conventions.

“Military presence in the region under the pretext of the Astravyets NPP poses a potential threat. Lithuania has become vulnerable as a result. This aspect should be considered in defence planning both in Lithuania and within NATO”

Report on Nuclear Energy and the Current Security Environment in the Era of Hybrid Threats by the Helsinki-based European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats

We ask for solidarity

with Lithuania’s position that the Astravyets nuclear power plant cannot be safe due to the irreparable violations of nuclear safety principles. It is crucial to ensure that the electricity trade with third countries follows the rules of fair competition (level playing field) and that the electricity produced in violation of the international nuclear and environmental safety standards would not be accepted in the European electricity market.

Astravyets is a Hybrid Threat. The only way to make this NPP safe is to ensure that it does not become operational. Therefore, Astravyets has to be stopped.

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